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Hey, I'm Tawnee. I have a 4.0 GPA and attend an all girls Catholic School on the East Coast. Everyone in my school thinks of me as the shy little girl at the back of the class who seems to do nothing more beside read her books and get good grades. Little do they know what my books are always about....

Only my closest friends know this, but I'm beginning to have a growing sex addiction... and I'm 'barely' popped! It took so much courage for me to work up the nerve to loose it (guilt complex, you know!)... but once I did - wham, ever since than... I've turned into this Nymph Princess. I have a fetish for all things leather and lace. I love to be spanked, and just the sight of some smooth nylon stockings gets my heart pounding. I love to dress up, and I love ageplay games. And just last month I snuck away to my first BDSM meeting. Most of the guys were already taken; So, unfortunately, I have yet to find my Daddy/Mommy (Although, I must admit, some of the girls there... MmmMM! My best friend Monika went with me, and she had to hold me back half the time we were there!).

I can be your dirty little cum slut, or your vigilant teen Mistress. I can be that giggly school girl, always staying after class for that extra credit... Or I can be the bitchy sugar baby you've always dreamed of, sweetest voice...that loves to taunt. There is nothing I won't do, and I mean it. I'd love to tease you about your old man gut, and poke fun at that little dick of yours that hasn't ever seen a pussy as beautiful as mine. I'll rock my hips while walking past you, my hot red stilettos clicking upon the marble floor.... before turning about and running a single finger under that chin.... and than brandishing it, threatening a smack to that perverted old ass of yours!

And at the same time, I can still be that innocent book worm... looking up at Daddy adoringly from behind my reading glasses, unaware of the rage throbbing in Daddy's pants. No, Daddy! Please don't rape me! I promise to be good!! Daddy, no! You're hurting me!!!

I'm into all things shameful - and if you prefer a guiding hand, I can be the nurturing mother you crave, too. Need to talk about your specific fantasy more before you call? Send me an instant message or come visit me in my private chatroom.

I am open for any topic: any age play, little girl domination, foot domination, pantyhose, sissyboys, cockold, denial, stockings, rape, snuff, pain, bestiality, and soo much more! Just name your fantasy - NO Limits

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